Angel Blue Perfume, LLC
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Angel Blue Perfume, LLC

620 Upper Dixie Highway
Oakland, KY 42159

Angel Blue Perfume, LLC
620 Upper Dixie Highway
Oakland, KY 42159



I am Tommie Flannery Baskis and I love to create a story, mood and memories with wild crafted, artisan and distilled oil, root, leaf, flower and spice essences to bring you truly distinctive, pure and elegant scents that are the dreams of “Angel Blue Perfume” and its many fragrant note combinations.

As a child I had a fascination with the trees, edible wild plants and flowers I would find on my woodland  journeys and camping trips. In my time, my Father taught me about “growing things” and I took it upon myself to research and study the plants I would find in the forest and countryside.

Through the years, my  love and admiration grew for the plant, resin, spice and wood properties that made up essential oils and plant essences.  Angel Blue started to evolve from my dreams into a successful reality.

“The wild-crafted and holistic essences of Angel Blue Perfume LLC are lovely and sensual fragrances with notes that enliven your spirit! “Each artisan Perfume and Cologne has a beautiful story waiting to unfold upon the skin of its bearer…”

I am excited to share our newest line of natural perfume and cologne!  I am proud to offer you some of the finest choices in perfume from natural, wild crafted essences and oils without petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

Below are the wild-crafted, plant essence ‘notes’ that can be found in Angel Blue Perfumes and Cologne:

Angel Blue is my divine and elegant signature scent with dreamy & luscious notes of sugared mimosa, cinnamon, German- chamomile and vanilla! The sensuous notes chosen create a spicy floral, balanced by sweet wood notes with a touch of warm sugar finish!

Lady Scarlett,  has a warm, sensual, southern charm with notes of sweet orange blossom, rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, vanilla sugar and cinnamon. This is a truly rich, complex and elegant perfume that is enchanting and feminine!

Wildchild County, will raise some ‘dust and desire’ with this luscious, clean and bright floral; It exudes a warmth of new spring flowers in the sunshine! This delicate perfume carries the notes of sweet orange, vanilla bean, exotic mimosa, sandalwood and ylang ylang to stir the senses with its floral and complex brightness. It is a truly joyful and sensual scent!

Summer Midnights, will enchant your heart with dreamy notes of rich rosewood, orange blossom, cooling lavender, cocoa and ylang ylang ! This lovely and classic artisan perfume is rich with wood notes, deep sugared cocoa; a luscious fragrance of orange blossom, sweet floral and rich spices that are reminiscent of fragrant summer evenings!

Antique Slip, for the days of dreaming  I have created this rich fragrance that is clean and bright with notes of deep woods, spices and sweetness with cassia, cedarwood, lavender, rose geranium &  luscious vanilla! A very sensual ‘Victorian Inspired’ perfume!

Seaside Sugar, will create longings for sugar sand beaches, sweet breezes and warm sunshine with notes of luscious lime, dark cocoa, creamy vanilla, cinnamon and German chamomile! This fragrance will entice you with its joyful, sweet and clean notes!

DragonSlayer is a powerful earthy, sensual and very masculine scent for the Menfolk with notes of juicy lime, anise, silver fir, sandalwood, cedarwood and black pepper that will surely entice. This is a true masculine and rich distinctive cologne for men.

Ash Rose Moonis inspired by evening walks through ‘Smoky Angel’ Hollow. Many delights await you, with sweet notes of  bright yuzu, tart magnolia, floral melissa, rose, vetiver and spicy cassia! This elegant and distinctive scent embodies pure lusciousness and sensuality. A true classical perfume scent for the ladies!

The truly luxurious, wild-crafted and holistic essences of  artisan- crafted, Angel Blue Perfume LLC,  are combined to create desirable and sensual fragrances with notes that enliven your spirit!

I am proud to state all of our perfume & cologne creations are free of synthetic aldehydes, fixatives, toxins and phthalates!

Whether your day is promised to a business meeting, a fun filled afternoon or a special evening engagement, you will surely enjoy the unique, elegant and sensual fragrance line of  Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Live your Vision, Walk in your Light…


Tommie Flannery Baskis